Calling All Neglected and Fed-Up Women Who Crave MORE...

Five Years Ago This Was Me:

Watching OTHER women receive flowers and gifts...

CRAVING the attentive LOVE every girl dreams of...

Trying to find a GOOD man - only to be CONSTANTLY let down...

Feeling stuck in the SHAME that blocks RECEIVING love..

STRUGGLING to stay positive and high value...

Feeling unable to identify or admit my true DESIRES...

Knowing there was a BIGGER, BETTER ME deep inside, but UNABLE to actually BE her...

Hi, I'm Leila Tomasone

Today, my life is different:

I've become a BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY, and LOVED woman.

If you're struggling to find your feminine energy and recieve the fulfillment you desire...

And if you've tried so many things already with no result...

Then what I'll share with you below may change your life forever.

I spent years believing I wasn't worthy of a high value man…

A man who would treat me like the princess I dreamed of being as a little girl.

It wasn't the castle and ballgowns I wanted;

It was respectful, admiring and LOVING attention that I craved.

I longed for it deep in my bones, but I GAVE UP.

I was 37 years old and thought my chance to be royal, regal and respected by a worthy man was GONE FOREVER.😓

I was constantly trying to PROVE myself and ACHIEVE by caring for people who didn't elevate my soul, my spirit, my INNER PRINCESS.

I took all the wrong turns and had completely lost touch with that princess I had longed to be as a little girl.

Deep inner wounds manifested years and years of SUFFERING.

Suffering for me, and for my entire family…

Including my precious and pure children who had done nothing to deserve it.

I had achieved career success, earning an MBA even while working full time as a single mom.

Outwardly, I had everything I needed.

But inwardly, I was a mess.

I was 37 years old and still ALONE and full of SELF-LOATHING:

  • I took no time or energy on looking and feeling good…
  • I wore old ratty clothes, no makeup, no hairstyle…
  • I made excuses for feeling & looking frumpy & accepting poor treatment from my (now ex) husband…
  • I engaged in negative behavior like staying up all night arguing online & putting my health in jeopardy...
  • I never enforced clear boundaries with my kids...
  • I felt walked over & never worthy of happiness.

I Decided I Must Step Up, Or My Suffering Would Just Continue On and On and On...

I realized had no other choice but to step up and discover the keys to HAPPINESS and fulfillment I had been missing.

So I spent years focused on self development, reading countless books, & expensive, lengthy therapy.

I consumed advice on youtube and the internet.

I filtered through tons of advice (good and bad) from everyone I knew.

Lots of time and effort finally led me to discover what the core to my healing really was:

I had to start reconnecting with something... or someONE deep inside me...

I call her my INNER PRINCESS.

Your Inner Princess...

Sadly, "princess" has often become a code word for a selfish brat, or "bridezilla" woman in our culture.

That's just one of the negative thoughts that we can accept that harms belief in your own WORTHINESS

But who REALLY is your Inner Princess?

Your Inner Princess is that playful, creative, dramatic and PURE element of femininity that lies deep within you.

Your Inner Princess is the woman you truly are that exudes GRACE and inner LOVE.

She has divine and shameless DESIRES, and she BELIEVES in her DEEP WORTHINESS.

She is your unique embodiment of LOVE that is ALWAYS working to ATTRACT and manifest your desires.

And your Inner Princess is waiting and wanting to break free and reveal herself to the world...

But sadly she can get lost and buried under NEGATIVE energies and ingrained PATTERNS.

Here's What Women Experience Until They Reconnect With Their Inner Princess:

Here's what women who come to me for mentoring tell me they’re experiencing:

  • DENYING their true desires

  • Living with SHAME

  • Feeling UNWORTHY of the gifts the Universe presents to them

  • Feeling BENEATH receiving LOVE and AFFECTION from their PRINCE

As if this isn’t bad enough, it gets WORSE...

These negative energies come to be EMBODIED deep inside you.

They become a PART of you… as NEGATIVE, ingrained PATTERNS.

And they show up in thoughts, choices, and voices:

  • Accepting limiting beliefs
  • Repeating negative thoughts and inner voices
  • Self-sabotaging behaviors

And these patterns also show up in very PHYSICAL ways:

  • Posture, speech, and facial expressions
  • Dress and self-care
  • Daily routines, and more

Here’s the key I discovered: these ingrained patterns cannot be undone with INFORMATION.

You can not LEARN your way out of them.

They’re STUCK deep inside you, and replace your Inner Princess with a yucky, negative self-vision.

Reconnecting With Your Inner Princess Takes WORK... Not Learning (This is the Key)

These deep patterns CANNOT be overcome with learning.

There is no information that will magically replace your negative, ingrained patterns...

They lurk UNDER the surface of your consciousness, sabotaging your happiness and fulfillment.

So HOW can you replace these negative patterns?

It takes potent inner spiritual WORK to undo these old, negative patterns and EMBODY new, positive beliefs.

Information just won't do it: It takes INNER WORK.

I'm not talking about “work” as it’s commonly thought of:

It’s not about working to ACHIEVE or EARN the fullfilment you desire.

(If you’re like me, this is what you’ve already been trying… and trying... and trying)...

Instead, it’s about INNER WORK to transform youself to EMBODY new BELIEFS.

Then, you’ll simply BE a woman who MANIFESTS & MAGNETIZES the fulfillment you desire.

This was the key I discovered.

The Modern Princess Method

When you EMBODY your Inner Princess, you’ll begin to magnetize the life and treatment of a princess.

You’ll begin to be TREATED as the princess you are—a woman that exudes GRACE and inner LOVE.

I've taken all my experience and success and with this Inner Work to EMbody new beliefs and captured it in a method you can follow too...

And recieve the relationship and life of your dreams.

I've put it all in an online video series I named "Modern Princess Method."

It captures my success in overcoming negative thoughts and ingrained patterns, doing the inner work necessary to embody new beliefs, and reconnecting with my Inner Princess.

I created it because I want you to receive the life you desire...

With less suffering, less time feeling unfulfilled, and with a clear path laid out for you.

Guided Visualizations Walk You In Detail Through Your Inner Work

The Modern Princess Method is NOT a “course”...


These visualizations walk you through the same WORK I did to become the BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY, and LOVED woman that I am today.

The Method is exactly what I learned that allowed me to MANIFEST the love and life of my dreams…

wedding with girls

It's not EASY...

It's not INSTANT...

It is a PROVEN METHOD that will guide you through potent, spiritual, feminine work…

...that will transform you to MANIFEST who you truly are, and MAGNETIZE the fulfilling life you desire.

Your life can be transformed just like mine has, and just like many women who have already discovered my method and used it to transform their lives.

Click below to get started or read on for more about how exactly my method can get you the life you desire.

Here’s What Women Experience With My Method:

"Leila is a beautiful person inside and out. Her friendship, knowledge, and advice helped give me the strength to leave an abusive relationship and find the husband of my dreams. ❤️"

Samantha Broyles

"Leila is the best! Within the last two years, I managed to leave a dead-end relationship, attract the man of my dreams, and now we have a beautiful baby that I so desperately always wanted - all thanks to her advice!! 💕💕"

Chelsea Ellen

"Leila has the best philosophy and approach to dating. 🥰"

Rachel Godwin

"Absolutely fabulous. I love that...You have to embody what you want to receive!"

Nikki Noah

"Oh this is soooo good!! Totally resonating with my soul!!! I can feel it! ...Watching this for the 3rd time since yesterday. Pure, delicious, divine genius! ❤️"

Mina Irfan, the Universe Guru

"I've been practicing the princess treatment method more and more and it's gotten easier the more I practice it. There's something about women like me who have a masculine and practical side that denies that we deserve nice things. And that's what it keeps coming back to - I need to tap into my pure desires in order to communicate effectively with my husband."


Leila, you are so lovely and light. I love the work as well. Thank you for this gift! 💕💕💕

Sahunthala Vinothachandran

"Love the glow on your radiant face. Thank you for sharing this beautiful workshop. Love the 'Spirit Babe' concept."


(Click For More Detailed Transformation Stories From Geannie & Amy)

"Love your sacred work. ...Yes! I love having my gas tank filled...Every woman needs to get in touch with her princess ❤️... I thought you'd like to know what my experience has been since activating my princess energy. I used to have a very toxic relationship with my mother. It's been like a year where we've been able to bond and talk about things. Yesterday I went to see her and the dynamic shifted on a completely different level. She was showering me with compliments, gifts, money. She called me special. She's never done that. I couldn't believe it. My dad texted me today to tell me he arrived safely after his flight where for years I was complaining that they never tell me when they come in or out of town. I always resonated with more of a queen energy and I wondered for months what your thought process was behind the princess treatment. So I totally manifested this video series because it's added a different element to my feminine energy practice. Sorry to be long winded but I love to see the effects of my work and I thought you'd like to know."

Geannie Sanders

I had a great time with last week's exercise and admitting to myself how much of that pursuing energy I do want. Contrary to what I hear many say about what brought them to feminine work, I was never a strong, Type A "Go Getter" but rather the opposite and realized I needed more of the Type A-ness to succeed in life, and I think I had kind of made my mission as of the last decade or so to become more of a "responsible adult", and in doing so, I let a lot of my desires fall by the wayside. Thank you for this Leila! Because you asked how it went for us, I'll say some of the surprises I had from this last week were that when I used myself as a child to try to bring up those feelings of guilt-free wanting, I had a difficult time even trying to remember feeling that way. I was surprised to realize how deep that ran. I think it was perhaps in part b/c I was always very conscious from a young age about how "much" we had compared to some others (some of my best friends had parents who were struggling financially) and was always told how grateful we needed to be (and I agree) for how hard my dad worked. We'd always had lots of family sends us a ton of gifts for bdays and Xmas too and I think I always felt "Who am I to receive so much when others have so little." When I switched to using my 4 year old daughter as the example, I was able to access that guilt-free wanting much easier!

Amy D.

What's New & Unique About The "Modern Princess Method"?

It's so easy to read and agree with energizing thoughts, advice, and affirmations about your worth & confidence...

"Yes, I should beleive that... or remember that..." we say to ourselves.

But it's not so easy to really BELIEVE them in a deep way that transforms your self-vision permanently, from the inside out.

The INNER WORK that's exclusive to my method helps you overcome this...

You will deeply reconnect with your INNER PRINCESS and BECOME her again, or for the first time.

I teach you exactly HOW to change your beliefs about yourself...

So you can actually EMBODY those new beliefs in your life.

I walk you through key practices that will soon have you MAGNETIZING the fulfillment of your desires:

Here's Exactly What The Modern Princess Method Will Do For You

Now, you can access my method through an online video series of guided visualizations.

I created them to guide you through examples, stories, concepts, and the essential inner work exercises.

It's recorded in a live & lively video call context with other women so it's really fun and high-energy.

You can start today in the comfort of your home, and I'll show you EXACTLY how to...

  • Identify and express your desires & gratitude OPENLY

  • Discover your answer to the question: What do I WANT?

  • Clear blockages to HAPPINESS.

  • Reclaim your innate WORTHINESS.

  • Call forth the deep DESIRES you have been denying.

  • Summon & nurture your INNER PRINCESS. 

  • Get in touch with your BODY by focusing on present experience and sensations.

  • Make key changes in your mind & spirit that elevate your ROYAL STANDARDS & have you attracting the Modern Princess Treatment.

  • Begin EVER-DEEPENING CYCLES of confidence and transformation grounded in a POSITIVE self-vision of your Inner Princess.

What You Get:

The Modern Princess Method

The Modern Princess Treatment Method_min

4-Part Video Series

You'll Get Four Video Guided Visualizations:

  1. Aligning with Your Inner Princess' Desires
  2. Regal Worthiness & Clearing Magnetic Blockages
  3. Setting Royal Standards of Treatment
  4. Elevate Your Vibration: Staying Positive & Maintaining Royal Boundaries

Plus: exercises, cheatsheets, and additional resources.

We will cover potent spiritual inner work to manifest the LOVE & LIGHT your subconscious wounds have been rejecting. Summon & nurture your Inner Princess; call forth the Desires you have been denying. Reclaim your innate WORTHINESS; clear blockages to HAPPINESS.

~One Time Payment~


PLUS Two FREE Gifts If You Order Today (See Below)

Invest today to begin recieving the life of your desires!

Plus, If You Purchase The Modern Princess Method TODAY, I'll Include This Free Gift:

"Energy Uplevel Affirmations" Audio Recording

Program your subconscious out of negative, ingrained patterns into high vibration positive energy.

These affirmations will help you progress through negative or uncomfortable emotional states...

...and elevate your energy.

Repeat these affirmations to yourself...

Replay during semi-meditative states...

Or listen to them in the car or during a break.

These affirmations will program your subconscious out of negative, ingrained patterns into high vibration positive energy.

"Energy Uplevel Affirmations" will be automatically added to your purchase if you order today.

Ok, I'm Getting Really Excited For You, So I Want To Give You ANOTHER Free Gift:

"Inside a Man's Mind" Masterclass

What You Need To Know to Create A Sustainable, Loving & Passionate Relationship Long-Term

In this video masterclass, I take you inside a man's mind.

Femininity makes most sense in contrast to masculinity...

So learning about how men think helps us understand ourselves better.

You'll SEE CLEARLY why and how men think & speak so differently than women.

I then show you how to leverage this knowledge to:

  • Identify & discourage LAZY tendencies.
  • Ensure he's always OBSESSED with you.
  • SURRENDER to your husband & keep him happy WITHOUT giving up what is important to YOU
  • Guarantee you don't choose a man who will CHEAT

Here's what Audrey said about this Masterclass:

"This course provides a glimpse into many of Leila's gems. It’s about an hour long, broken down into series of short videos.

Specifically, she shares her insight on what drives men in relationships and how to tap into it as women.

She also talks about common mistakes women make when communicating with men and how to avoid them.

She explains concepts really well and simplifies things to its core truths.

This course is helpful for people who are already in relationships.

For singles, it builds foundational truths in understanding male and female dynamics, which will help in the dating stage"

- Audrey L.

"Inside A Man's Mind" will also be automatically added to your purchase if you order The Modern Princess Method today!

Choose To Begin Today!

It's time to stop neglecting yourself...

Start on your journey to Princess Treatment today!

Just click "Get Started Now" below and you'll be taken to a payment page for your order.

Once payment is complete, you'll instantly be sent an email with login information to access your visualizations and your gifts!

You can begin going through the visualizations right away, and start reconnecting with your Inner Princess today.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Expect Results Within Days After Beginning this Work!

Invest today to begin receiving the life of your desires!

You'll Get Instant Acccess To All This:

The Modern Princess Method

The Modern Princess Treatment Method_min

4-Part Video Series

You'll Get Four Video Guided Visualizations:

  1. Aligning with Your Inner Princess' Desires
  2. Regal Worthiness & Clearing Magnetic Blockages
  3. Setting Royal Standards of Treatment
  4. Elevate Your Vibration: Staying Positive & Maintaining Royal Boundaries

Plus: exercises, cheatsheets, and additional resources.

We will cover potent spiritual inner work to manifest the LOVE & LIGHT your subconscious wounds have been rejecting. Summon & nurture your Inner Princess; call forth the Desires you have been denying. Reclaim your innate WORTHINESS; clear blockages to HAPPINESS.

~One Time Payment~


PLUS Two FREE Gifts If You Order Today:

#1 "Energy Uplevel Affirmations" Audio Recording

These affirmations will program your subconscious out of negative ingrained patterns into high vibration positive energy.

#2 "Inside a Man's Mind" Masterclass

You'll SEE CLEARLY why and how men think & speak so differently than women.

Remember, the longer you ACCEPT a negative self-vision...

...the stronger YOU'LL MAKE negative results SADLY COME TRUE.

But I hate to think about this because transformation is so near to you!

I hope you'll use my method and begin your journey to reconnect with your Inner Princess today!


Leila Tomasone

P.S. Just click below to purchase my video series because you can start today!

Yes, I know it's time to invest in Myself.

I'm ready to manifest treatment as a Modern Princess!

I'm ready to magnetize the LOVE, respect, and affection I've been missing.

  • You'll reconnect with your INNER PRINCESS

  • You'll  reawaken your playful, creative, dramatic and PURE feminine self

  • You'll feel your confidence SOAR as you develop a positive self-vision & high-value worthiness

  • You'll HEAL deep inner wounds and silence negative voices

  • And you'll see AMAZING things happen in your life as you reveal her to the world and MAGNETIZE your fulfillment.


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